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Awards and Accreditations

Spring Hill College is recognized as a College of Distinction and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

2020-2021 Business College of Distinction

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges

2020-2021 Public College of Distinction

2020-2021 Catholic College of Distinction

2020-2021 Christian College of Distinction

Sports management, management and marketing, supply chain management and computer information systems.

You can transfer up to 96 credits and receive credit for work and military experience.

Coursework reflects current topics in business and is continually optimized.

Our business degree allows you to launch your career in a booming industry.

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Affordable Tuition:

Spring Hill is priced below the competition.

Caring, Expert Faculty:

Faculty provide inspiration and real-world knowledge.

Faith-Based Education:

Spring Hill places an emphasis on ethics and social justice.

Student-First Approach:

You receive individualized attention and encouragement.

Convenient Learning:

You have the flexibility to study on your own terms.

Business Career Outlook

Marketing Manager $65,834 per year1

Sports Data Analyst $62,453 per year3

Computer Systems Analyst $64,394 per year2

Supply Chain Manager $61,915 per year4

About Spring Hill College — Real World Ready

Spring Hill College, Alabama’s oldest institution of higher learning, was founded in 1830 by Michael Portier, Mobile’s first Catholic bishop. Since its beginnings, learners from varied backgrounds have benefited from the close-knit, diverse and inclusive experience at Spring Hill. Our students graduate real world ready with the help of committed faculty and industry-informed curriculum.

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